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How to Have an Amazing Family Session

Family sessions can be a little tough, but when you follow these ingredients they can be smooth as butter :)

1. Relax. If you let go of your expectations for what your kids are supposed to be doing things go a lot smoother.

2. Have fun! Let's do what the kids want to do and try to get a few posed shots in between! The more fun they can have on the shoot the more likely it is they'll want to do it again sometime!

3. Positive reinforcement. AKA Bribes! It's helpful to have snacks on the shoot or have something you're going to do after the shoot to look forward to. Sometimes this doesn't work but a lot of times it does!

4. If it's a bad day, it's a bad day. We are always happy to reschedule if no-one's into doing the shoot that day. It's better not to push it if everyone's already cranky and tired.

5. Add as much love and laughter you can! We don't have to just sit around and take pictures, we can do activities like play catch or bake cookies or blow bubbles! Whatever makes it a fun shoot and creates fun and interesting photos :)

Check out this awesome family shoot we did with the Fraziers that incorporated a lot of these elements in their session.

(PS yes, we do LOVE black and white edits lol)